The webArch is a scientific and educational project operating within the Digital Humanities Laboratory of the University of Warsaw. Its main objective is to gather knowledge and develop competences in the field of professional Web archiving and advanced work with existing Web archives, with particular emphasis on the historical resources of the Polish national domain.

Specific tasks of the project are as follows:

  • monitoring and dissemination of the latest methods of Web archiving and working with Web archives,
  • support for Web archiving, acquiring, and analyzing archival Internet resources in humanities and social science research, as well as in activities of cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, and the media,
  • promoting media literacy in the preservation of digital content,
  • documenting and researching the history of the Polish national domain.

The project carries out its tasks, among others, by:

  • organising open workshops and lectures
  • publishing of science blog-posts, reports and analyses
  • publishing of scientific articles
  • creating open educational resources
  • supporting the implementation of Web archiving methods in scientific projects
  • taking part in the public consultations
  • participation in scientific conferences
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign partners